Watch New Mexico's Supreme Court marriage equality hearings live

New Mexico's Supreme Court will hear oral arguments pertaining to a petition filed by 33 County Clerks asking the court to issue a statewide binding resolution on the legality of same-sex marriage in the state. The marriage equality debate in New Mexico has gathered quite a tremendous amount of attention. Because of the popularity of the marriage equality discussion, the court decided to air the proceedings live via a webcast provided by KOAT Albuquerque.

There is significant public interest in the case; on a conference call with reporters, same-sex marriage advocates said that there will be enough room for 150 people in person. The arguments will also be longer than usual. While oral arguments are usually limited to 40 minutes. In this case, there will be two hours worth of arguments. One hour will be devoted to state statutes related to same-sex marriage and the other on the constitutional question regarding same-sex marriage.

The New Mexico Supreme Court said it won't decide instantly on marriage equality after hearing today's arguments. "The court clerk told lawyers last week that the court won't make a decision on the day of the hearing but will take the case under consideration. The justices will hear one hour of arguments on constitutional issues and an hour on issues about state statutes involving marriage."

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