WATCH: New documentary highlights the Boy Scouts' ban on gay adults

Last year, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) made a historic decision to allow gay youth to participate in the Scouting. 

This inclusive change in BSA policy meant the world to Scouts across the country. For example, Liam Easton-Calabria, an out, gay youth in the BSA, became eligible to receive the coveted ranking of Eagle Scout--the BSA's highest rank.

Unfortunately, however, the Boy Scouts still discriminate against gay adults, who are still not allowed to participate.

The Boy Scouts' ban on gay adults means that Liam (not to mention other gay Scouts) will be kicked out of Scouting once they turn 18. And, as evident in the case of gay Scoutmaster Geoff McGrath, adults who identify as gay will face membership revocation.

Just last month, Liam, his brother August, Geoff, and others, were on the ground with GLAAD in Seattle to deliver more than 125k petition signatures calling on to suspend its charitable support of the Boy Scouts until gay adults, like Geoff and Liam, are allowed to participate.

To highlight the continued injustices against gay participants in the BSA, a short documentary titled "Clipped Wings" tells the story of Liam Easton-Calabria and Geoff McGrath, ultimately featuring their desires to be fully included and respected members of the organization they both care so much about.

The film was made by award-winning Ballard High School film students Leo Pfeifer, Duncan Gowdy and Coleman Andersen. Between them, their films have been honored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and various regional, national and international festivals including the Seattle International Film Festival and the Chicago International Film Festival.