WATCH: Netflix's 'Sense8' premieres trailers for LGBT characters Nomi and Lito

The upcoming Netflix original series Sense8, co-created by Lana and Andy Wachowski, has released character trailers for San Franciso-based blogger and hacker Nomi (played by actress Jamie Clayton) and Mexico City-based closeted telenovela star Lito (played by actor Miguel Ángel Silvestre). Nomi is also a trans woman, as is Clayton. She lives with her girlfriend Amanita (played by actress Freema Agyeman), whom audiences get a glimpse of in the new trailer, along with Lito's boyfriend Hernando (played by actor Alfonso Herrera).

The globe-spanning story follows eight strangers who learn they have a mysterious connection that allows them to access each other's' experiences, skills, and emotions. All 12 episodes of Sense8 will be available on Netflix on June 5, check out Nomi and Lito's trailers below.

Sense8 premieres on Netflix June 5.