WATCH: LGBT Sports Coalition debuts first in 'Move Forward' series

The LGBT Sports Coalition -- a group of organizations (including GLAAD), athletes, sports professionals, and advocates working to end anti-LGBT bias in sports -- debuted the first in its 'Move Forward' video series this week. The series, produced in collaboration with Nike, will showcase the movement to bring full equality to all levels of sport.

GLAAD was on the ground in Portland last week at the 3rd annual LGBT Sports Coalition summit, where more than 100 attendees built strategy to move equality forward in sports. The summit was hosted by Nike, which donated $200k to the LGBT Sports Coalition in 2013 to end anti-LGBT bias in sports. This year, Nike is expected to more than double its donation for a total contribution of $500k.

One hundered percent of proceeds from Nike's LGBT-affirming #BETRUE line goes to the LGBT Sports Coalition. Check out the 2014 line here.