"WATCH: It GOT Better"

For decades, LGBT youth have faced hardship and today is no different: Thousands of children and adolescents in the United States are struggling with their sexual orientation and/or gender identity/expression.

In an ongoing effort to address this societal concern, the It Gets Better Project, as established by columnist and author Dan Savage, strives to inspire young people facing harassment and intimidation. The staggering number of bullied, LGBT young people inspires the It Gets Better Project to create a personal way for supporters everywhere to tell LGBT youth that despite the current adversity in their lives, it does indeed get better.
Recently, Lexus launched “It Got Better,” the newest series on broadband channel L/Studio. With this new docuseries L/Studio once again has the opportunity to back another passion project from the creative team of Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky, who produced the channel’s popular and award-winning “Web Therapy.”

Currently in its sixth year, L/Studio hosts an eclectic collection of original films, live-action shows, documentaries and comedy programs designed to engage a discerning, inquisitive audience—outside of the traditional automotive encounter. The Lexus-owned broadband channel also includes original work from the worlds of art, culture, design, science, entertainment, architecture and beyond.

The six-episode docuseries is a collaboration between Kudrow and Bucatinsky and the It Gets Better Project (Dan Savage and Brian Pines). It tells the inspiring personal stories of a diverse group of LGBT actors, athletes and musicians including Jane Lynch, Jason Collins, Tim Gunn, Tegan & Sara, George Takei and Laverne Cox.

"It Got Better" establishes a pithy, yet truly heartfelt connection between LGBT celebrities and the video's audience. Insightful personal accounts from the most recognizable faces in the LGBT community provide a way for young people and adults alike to experience the unparalleled victory that is self-acceptance.

Growing up as a LGBT person is all too often a bleak existence. So many young/queer people, dissatisfied with their current situations, can only hope for the day when life gives them a break. Happiness becomes a rare commodity only accessible through coping mechanisms, and visions of a utopian future consume most other thoughts.

"It Got Better" is so necessary and innovative in that it validates there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. The messages expressed through each video are just as inspiring as the individuals being interviewed and the perspectives gained are both unique and remarkable.

The first “It Got Better” episode features “Glee” star Jane Lynch and can be viewed here.

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