Watch Hawaii move closer to marriage equality live

The Hawaii state Senate helped move Hawaii closer to marriage equality. With a vote of 20-4 in favor of marriage equality, the bill now moves to the full House for a hearing and a vote that will be much closer than the Senate vote. The hearings in the Senate were aired via webcast because of the tremendous attention the marriage equality bill has been getting. For the same reason you can watch the full House hearings today at 10 a.m. HST 1 p.m. PST and 4 p.m. EST on

Clayton Hee, chair of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary and Labor, called today’s vote “a defining moment in all of our careers” and compared it to such landmarks as legalizing abortion and embracing interracial marriage. Senate Minority Leader Sam Slom, the only Republican in the chamber, downplayed it and said it was not historic. “Hysteric it may be,” said Slom, who wants the public to decide the issue through a constitutional amendment.

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