WATCH: GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis tells her remarkable story

At the second annual Moms +SocialGood event, held in New York City, the question "How has a mom changed your world?" set the tone for a remarkable variety of discussions. Over 30+ celebrities and community leaders from New York to Nairobi participated in Moms +SocialGood, which was the culminating event of the Global Moms Relay.

A product of the United Nations Foundation's Global Moms Challenge and the culminating even of Global Moms Relay, Moms +SocialGood will explore social media's powerful role in improving the wellbeing of mothers and their children around the world. The event also supports the UN's "Every Woman Every Child" movement.

The event provides a space in which "hundreds of the brightest and most passionate people working to improve child, maternal, and reproductive health will gather to share ideas and inspire action," according to the Moms +SocialGood website, and will connect mothers with each other, as well as with leading experts.

GLAAD's President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis was invited to Moms +SocialGood to discuss her personal story of family and comment on the societal influence lesbian mothers have.

Jump to 2:24 to hear Sarah Kate speak out becoming a mom:

Jump to 1:27 for why Sarah Kate believes it's important for people to tell their stories:

For all the social forces and physical boundaries that divide women, uniting themes such as motherhood inextricably link many women together in support of family and children.

To hear more of Sarah Kate Ellis's insightful perspectives, check out the Lesbians Who Tech conference! It will occur from June 19-22. Click here to find out more!