WATCH: Friday's 'Undercover Boss' Features CEO Announcing Policy Change to Recognize Same-Sex Couples After Getting to Know Lesbian Employee

Tomorrow night’s episode of CBS’ Emmy-award winning reality series Undercover Boss will feature a CEO making same-sex partner benefits a company-wide policy after meeting a lesbian employee who has been in a committed relationship for 27 years.  Airing at 8:00 pm, the episode follows Mood Media CEO Lorne Abony as he goes undercover as an employee of the company and meets fellow-worker Eileen, who has raised four children with her partner.

After spending some time working alongside Eileen and getting to know her and her life, Abony is inspired to make some big changes.  “Effective today, Mood Media will always provide same-sex partner benefits. […] It’s something that I think is essential,” Abony says. He goes on to tell Eileen he is “humbled by” her and her commitment to balancing work with her partner and four children. Watch the clip below.

The episode’s storyline is a reminder that the more Americans get to know LGBT people and their stories, the closer we move towards full equality. Be sure to catch Undercover Boss on CBS Friday, January 4 at 8:00pm.