WATCH: "Family Karma’s" Amrit Kapai and Husband Nicolas Kouchoukos on Their "Magical Wedding" and Showing the World What it Means to Be Gay and Indian

Courtesy of Bravo

With the third season of Bravo’s Family Karma debuting on November 6, fans of the show are exciting to see how things unfold --  specifically Amrit Kapai’s wedding to his fiancé, Nicholas Kouchoukos.

The two are married now, but this season we get to see the all the drama leading up to the big day. Even though they had a lot of obstacles and challenges leading to the wedding, Kapai is happy that his story gets to be told.

“Representation absolutely matters,” Kapai told GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos in a recent interview. “When I was growing up, I wish I would have seen someone that looked like me; who was Indian; who was gay; [who] was able to come out and was able to get married. Marriage equality just passed in 2015, but it sometimes feels like we're taking steps backwards, so we are so grateful that we have the opportunity to show people that you can get married. You can have that dream wedding if you really want to and hopefully that's what we do.”

Kouchoukos added, “I think at the core of what we're trying to do with telling our story is just to explain that we want the same human connection that everyone else does. We want to live and experience the human experience just like everyone else does. We want to love and be loved and we want to make connections that make us feel part of a community.”

Before we get to see them tie the knot, we’ll see Kapai’s BFF Vishal Parvani get married. Kapai doesn’t see this as him stealing his thunder. In fact, from grade school to high school graduation to college to now, the pair have experienced many major life moments together.

“It felt so right and so perfect that we're getting married within a few months of each other,” Kapai admitted. “I actually was happy that he did that first because it was a trial run for our wedding, if that makes sense… our journey was very different than theirs. There's was a long time coming. We've been waiting for them to get married forever.”

He added, “We didn't have a very long engagement. We were together. We dated for a very long time, but our engagement part of it was not as long as theirs so  I think it did make sense that they got married before we did.”

Kouchoukos chimed in saying that there is a friendly competition between Kapai and Parvani. He said that if you read between the lines, their planning “lit a fire under Vishal’s ass to finally get it in gear”.

As for their wedding, the couple is very excited to have viewers see their ceremony. “I think the most magical moment I had was walking into the room where we actually had our ceremony and our designer had created,” said Kouchoukos. “We brought the outdoors indoors and there is so much greenery, it was just astounding. I mean you open your eyes and it was like we were transformed into a dream.”

For Kapai, he is grateful that he has the support of his community and family but he admits that it’s not always “rainbows and butterflies” for them and it will be seen throughout the season. He said there are people he cares about that are still trying to understand what it means to be gay and what it means to have a wedding that's not as traditional.

“I think that's important for viewers to see because we don't want to sugarcoat anything,” he said. “We don't want people to think it's just walk in the park because it is a journey and you will have difficulties; you will face hurdles but as long as you're working together with the people you love, hopefully you can make it happen.”

"Family Karma" airs Sundays at 9pm on BravoTV.