WATCH: Exclusive new clip from Bravo’s “Family Karma” shows Nicholas get emotional about his parents attendance of his wedding

The Bravo reality series Family Karma has broken boundaries in its 3 seasons through its depiction of real Indian-American family dynamics. The series’ inclusion of an interracial gay couple, Amrit and Nicholas, having the unconditional support of Amrit’s traditional Indian family, provides a much-needed piece of representation on television. 

After more than a decade of dating, Amrit and Nicholas are finally ready to tie the knot. In an emotional new clip from this Sunday’s upcoming episode, Nicholas talks to his mother-in-law to be about his complicated feelings about his parents' conditional attendance of their wedding.

In the kitchen, Amrit’s mother asks Nicholas why he is feeling stressed out about the wedding. “I obviously asked my parents if they want to come and there wasn’t hesitation, they want to come,” he replies. 

Nicholas is stunned by this because, as he later explains, he was raised in a very religious household. Unfortunately, when he asked if they would walk him down the aisle or stand on the mandap (pillars) with him, they declined. Nicholas shares that his Protestant Evangelical mother told him, “You know Nicholas, we’re walking a really fine line here… it’s important we’re there to support you.” 

Despite his gratitude that they are attending, Nicholas is frustrated that they won’t be a part of the wedding. “Please look at it positively, they’re there,” Amrit’s mother reminds him. 

Nicholas confides in his future mother-in-law. “I always recognized that there was a push and a pull with the church accepting me being gay so I hid it as best as I could.” He goes on to say that despite his disappointment, “They’re still my parents at the end of the day so my connection to them will be there until the day they die, and I don’t want to jeopardize that just for people to see them on TV.”

Find out what happens next in an all-new Family Karma on Sunday, January 8th on Bravo.