Watch Danica Roem's inspirational and comedic interview on 'The Opposition with Jordan Klepper'

November 30, 2017

Last night, Virginia Delegate-elect Danica Roem appeared on 'The Opposition with Jordan Klepper' to discuss the recent election, her history-making victory, and how she chooses to refrain from attacking her constituents. And GLAAD's staff was honored to be invited to the show and to meet Danica and Jordan!  

On each episode of 'The Opposition,' Klepper takes a satirical look on the day's news, infusing it with comedic and a clever spins. During his interview with Roem, Klepper expertly tackled key issues from her race, Rome's strategy for winning her campaign, and even touched on her affinity for old school thrash metal music. Roem's no-nonsense stance on issues affecting her local community made it clear that she was in this race to improve the lives of those living in her district.

At one point Klepper brought up a recent column in The New York Times that referred to Roem as 'boring' - her priceless response was:

"I don't know at what point in American culture a transgender, metalhead, journalist, stepmom, vegetarian became boring, but guilty as charged..."

Earlier this month, Roem was elected Virginia’s first transgender state legislator for her commitment to local Virginia issues and was invited by GLAAD and pop star Demi Lovato to walk the carpet at this year's American Music Awards. The two spoke out on the red carpet about LGBTQ equality. GLAAD's president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said of Roem: "Danica Roem is a trailblazer whose win in Virginia showcased both how young people and marginalized communities can impact voting results and how every American deserves an opportunity to work hard and achieve their dreams."

Take a look at some of GLAAD's staff with Jordan and Danica, who was sporting a & pin from GLAAD's Together Movement! 

Check out her interview below: