WATCH: Braunwyn from RHOC supports son Jacob as he dresses in drag for first time

November 11, 2020

In an exclusive, extended look at the November 11 episode of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," Braunwyn Wyndham-Burke and her family are showing son Jacob big support as he dresses in drag for the very first time.

Braunwyn calls in some of her friends to help Jacob, 14, achieve his drag look and he says he can't believe how good it feels to be expressing himself in this way.

"Being a woman dressed in drag feels the most empowering that I have ever felt in my life," he says.

In the clip, Braunwyn, husband Sean and daughter Rowan all gather together to see Jacob's debut in drag and are all thrilled to see Jacob so happy and feel so confident.


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"We all know that not every dad would be so supportive," Braunwyn says while watching her husband fully embrace their son in the moment.

Jacob says he is so pleased he finally made this decision to try drag: "I didn't know how good I would feel until I did it! I love it so much,’” he says.

Check out the full clip below and watch to find what name Jacob is using for their drag persona:

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