WATCH: Allstate's "Safe in My Hands" commercial pulls heartstrings

"Being visible should never leave you feeling vulnerable."

Now more than ever, companies across the country are becoming more inclusive of the LGBT community in their advertising. Companies like Nike, Marriott, American Apparel, and so many more are doing an incredible job at widening the margins of advertising to include and support LGBT customers. Needless to say, the Internet and its users cannot get enough of businesses working hard to be on the right side of history.

Insurance company Allstate is the latest company to celebrate equality in a new ad released last week.

The commercial/short film the company put out is part of its 2014 LGBT campaign Out Holding Hands (#OutHoldingHands). Set to the music of Eli Lieb's song "Safe in My Hands", this ad is a real tear-jerker.

Combined with Lieb's moving music, Allstate's film strikes a chord deep within its audience and, like the ad's character, makes us feel like we are indeed in good hands.

Watch it below: