Washington Poised for Marriage Equality

Washington is poised to be on track to approve Referendum 74, which grants marriage equality to gay and lesbian couples. It looks good, but we aren't ready to bust out the "victory" graphic just yet. You'll have to wait a little longer.

Currently, just over half of the votes have been counted. Washington is a "vote by mail" state, with the ballots needing to be postmarked by November 6, so votes will continue to come in for a few days. However, Washington United for Marriage, the campaign for marriage equality in the state, has a good feeling with how things will turn out.

“We feel very good and we are cautiously optimistic,” said Washington United for Marriage campaign manager Zach Silk.  “We’re at 65% in early King County returns and we’re out performing in Eastern Washington.  We’ll need patience, but the numbers are coming in the right way.  And with Maine and Maryland winning the freedom to marry, we believe we are poised to make history in Washington State. But there are still well over 400,000 ballots to be processed and we have to be patient.”

If passed, Washington will become one of three states to approve marriage equality on the ballot. Maine and Maryland both passed marriage equality at the ballot box this year as well. Additionally, voters in Minnesota rejected an anti-marriage equality constitutional amendment.

GLAAD has been working with marriage equality supporters in Washington for several months now. We’ve lifted up the stories and the advocacy of Sarah Toce, Social Outreach Seattle, Pastor J. Manny Santiago, and the Revs. Darrell and Marshan Goodwin-Moultry. We worked with reporters to tell the story of why marriage equality was passed, and the diverse array of people supporting equality. Each of these stories helps Washington voters support equality.

GLAAD will continue to follow the results in Washington, but we share in the cautious optimism of the LGBT supporters in Washington and around the country. For more information, visit www.glaad.org/vote