Want advice from a school counselor? Here are 99 sites to visit!

Though schools intend to be safe places, LGBTQ students are often targets of bullying and harrassment in the classrooms and hallways of these institutions. In efforts to help solve these issues, school counselors have the potential to make all the difference in the day-to-day experiences these students. 

Mastersincounseling.org is a website that serves as an interactive guide to educational opportunities in the counseling profession. Laura Harris, an author on this site, created a list of 99 great pages dedicated to school counseling. She researched amazing school counseling resources, blogs, tools & supplies, school counseling organizations, and general counseling resources to compile this lengthy and very useful list. She writes:

The mental health of our youth is vitally important and school counselors are on the front line everyday fighting the good fight. I am passionate about mental health and I am looking to spread the word...

The sites on the list focus not only on helping students with their immediate problems, but providing them with the appropriate tools to prepare for the future. There are sites for students of all ages, ranging from elementary school all the way through college, and address a variety of topics, including academic issues, eating disorders, bullying, anxiety, career awareness, and much more.

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