Voting matters for more than LGBT issues

Midterm elections are rapidly approaching and it is crucial that everybody's voice is heard.

Every person's background is unique to them. The intersections of gender, sexuality, class, race, ethnicity and other personal markers make all votes important. Voting is an opportunity for representation. It is an opportunity for change.

This year, GLAAD is partnering with Rock the Vote to encourage people to vote based on the issues that matter to them.

#TURNOUTFORWHAT displays how the nuances of identity inform the democratic process—Lena Dunham wants reproductive rights, E.J Johnson wants marriage equality, and Natasha Lyonne wants prison reform.

Vote based on an issue that is important to you, whether you are motivated by LGBT rights, feminism, social equality or climate change. Whichever issue concerns you the most, make sure your voice is heard.

When we vote, we are telling our elected officials what we want; what we are willing to turn out for. We are creating the motivation and impetus for change.