Vote for Spirit Day Founder Brittany McMillan in Seventeen's Pretty Amazing Contest

For almost two years now, all of us here at GLAAD have known that Spirit Day Founder Brittany McMillan is pretty amazing. In April 2012, The Advocate agreed with us, naming Brittany to the magazine’s annual “Forty Under 40” list.  Now Seventeen magazine wants to know: do you think Brittany McMillan is pretty amazing?  If so, vote now to help get Brittany on the cover of Seventeen’s October issue, plus a $20,000 scholarship.

If she wins the contest, Brittany will not only receive funds to continue her education and LGBT work in college, but she'll be on the cover of Seventeen magazine's October issue! Just in time for Spirit Day!

In October 2010, Brittany McMillan of Surrey, British Columbia posted about Spirit Day on Tumblr and Facebook as a way to show support for LGBT young adults and take a stand against bullying. As the color purple represents “spirit” on the LGBT Pride flag, Brittany called for the first Spirit Day on October 20, 2010.

With the help of GLAAD, Spirit Day has now involved celebrities like Tyra Banks, media outlets like Good Morning America, public figures and institutions (including the White House!) that “go purple” with everyday Americans.

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Brittany attended the GLAAD Media Awards just this weekend in San Francisco where she presented an Award to Facebook.

She also received a special commendation from GLAAD's Board of Directors by GLAAD President Herndon Graddick.

Spend an evening with special guest Brittany McMillan, Glee’s Diana Agron, Extra’s Mario Lopez and many others at the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco on Saturday, June 2!

Because of Brittany, millions of people now plan and look forward to wearing the color purple in October each year, both offline and online through Facebook, Twitter and other social networking Web sites.  By wearing purple on each year, Spirit Day participants touch the lives of countless young people – young people who are looking for support but too often don’t know to whom or where they should turn.  Because of Brittany, more and more young people each year know who’s in their corner and ready to walk with them in their journey toward greater self-acceptance.  And we think that’s pretty darn amazing.

Vote now for Brittany in Seventeen’s “Pretty Amazing” contest! If Brittany wins the contest, she’ll appear on the cover of Seventeen’s October issue and receive a $20,000 scholarship.  In turn, America will be introduced – in a really BIG way – to this amazing young advocate and the annual event she holds so dear.  Brittany has accomplished a lot in her young life, and we have all the faith in the world that she is destined to do even more great things in the months and years to come.  Undoubtedly, receiving this incredible award from Seventeen will help, so if you agree