A Vote FOR Question 6 in Maryland is About Equality for All Families

On Tuesday, November 6, Marylanders will vote on Question 6. A vote FOR Question 6 will keep the marriage equality law passed by state lawmakers, and allow LGBT couples to marry in the state of Maryland, while protecting religious freedoms.

GLAAD has worked with Marylanders for Marriage Equality, LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent, as well as NoWedge 2012 who have all worked on the ground in their communities to educate voters about the fairness of Question 6 and what this would ultimately mean for LGBT couples living in Maryland--equality. 

Earlier this year, Governor Martin O’Malley signed the marriage equality bill into law, which made many hopeful, but opponents of the law were able to get the law up for referendum in our upcoming election. Ultimately the decision will come down to voters on Tuesday, November 6. O’Malley has continued to make his rounds in support of the marriage equality law and has mentioned that he thinks it has a “real shot,” which would make Maryland, along with Washington, Maine and Minnesota contenders for marriage equality being affirmed at the ballot box.

Soon after O’Malley signed the law earlier this year, faith leaders such as Rev. Candy Holmes, Bishop Yvette Flunder, Dr. Wilhelmina Perry and Pastor Joseph Tolton came together to work within black communities to change the narratives that black pastors were against marriage equality.

Since, groups such as Equality Maryland, Marylanders for Marriage Equality and National Black Justice Coalition have worked tirelessly to get the correct information out to citizens and push forward the notion that a vote FOR Question 6 is about fairness and equality to all citizens residing in the state of Maryland.

In this blog post, “Baltimore Moms” a mother writes,

"As an African-American, and as a mom, I feel that I have succeeded in instilling these values in my children, and on Election Day, I am counting on all Maryland voters to stand together to make sure that our state upholds fairness and equality for everyone.”

Support has grown tremendously from activist groups, celebrities and elected officials. Academy Award-winner Mo’Nique, New York City Mayor Michael BloombergBrad PittDelman Coates, the NAACP and the ACLU have all lent their names to affirming same-sex marriage in the state of Maryland.

This week, Marylanders for Marriage Equality released a simple ad explaining the value and significance behind Question 6. We encourage you to share among your social networks:

How you can help to approve marriage equality in Maryland?

This year, four states will have their fairness and equality voted on and we need everyone to show up at the polls and protect the civil rights of all families. Go Vote!