Vote for acceptance. Know the facts about LGBT issues this election.

This election year, more than ever, LGBT and allied voters are critical to accelerating acceptance all across the country. Whether building towards electing the next president, voting on local and national representatives, or deciding on ballot initiatives, every vote counts in the movement towards acceptance for everyone.

As we move to create not just a system of legal equality but also a culture of full acceptance, GLAAD is offering a series of resources about LGBT-related policy and legal issues for both voters and the media professionals who inform them.

These resources will empower voters to cast informed ballots about LGBT-related matters, as well as the media to report fairly and accurately about oft-misunderstood matters that impact the daily lives of LGBT Americans. Throughout the election season, GLAAD will continue to hold newsmakers accountable and ensure that they are asking the right questions and giving fair coverage to the myriad issues that are important to the LGBT community.

Though we all rejoiced when marriage equality became the law of the land, the LGBT movement has never been about one single legal issue, and our work is far from finished. We still live in a culture in which not all LGBT people feel comfortable walking down the street, using the bathroom that corresponds with their gender, or having a picture of their partner on their desk at work.

Full legal protections are not a reality for LGBT people, including the right to work without being fired for who you are, adopting and having children without discriminatory legal obstacles, access to fair voting and affordable healthcare, safety from targeted acts of violence or bullying, dismantling racism that undermines the well-being of LGBT people of color, and more.

Visit to learn more about the serious issues that face the LGBT community and to share these resources on social media channels to help spread the word about the work we still must do to ensure equality and above all else, acceptance for everyone.