Visibility can end ignorance and injustice: GenProgress' Five Minutes with Sarah Kate Ellis

Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD's President and CEO, spent "Five Minutes With" Generation Progress for their regular, brief series, to talk about GLAAD's role in the LGBT equality movement; GLAAD's recent partnership with the sexual violence awareness campaign, It's On Us; how Americans can support LGBT advocacy around the globe; and more.

Her Q&A also highlights how media portrayals of LGBT people affect the public's understanding of the LGBT community as a whole.

Advances towards equality definitely require law and policy actions, but shaping the culture is what leads to those actions and, importantly, helps them stick.

Sarah Kate also addressed GLAAD's advocacy with the transgender community, emphasizing how amplifying trans people's voices is a valuable tool for erradicating anti-trans violence.

Visibility is the most powerful, important tool we have to end ignorance and injustice...Equipping transgender people to effectively share their stories far and wide continues to be among GLAAD’s top priorities, because people speaking their truths builds a culture of inclusivity, understanding and acceptance.

Taking that tool of visibility to a wide-reaching level, Sarah Kate discussed how how shedding light on anti-LGBT discrimination in countries worldwide can empower allies to understand global issues and how to address them.

By exposing those injustices, we can empower allies in the United States to emphasize to lawmakers and corporations that America’s demand for equality doesn’t end at our nation’s borders.

Generation Progress's "Five Minutes With" feature has sat down with notables such as Delaware Governor Jack Markell, Houston Mayor Annise Parker, DADT activist Lt. Dan Choi, and Pulitzer Prize-winner Isabel Wilkerson. The feature focuses on the lives and the national and global issues that are pertinent in the world of the interviewee, giving rise to their voice on hot-button topics and concerns they are passionate about.

Earlier this week, Sarah Kate spoke about Global LGBT Voices at the international Human Rights Day Quorum in New York City, hoseted by the Daily Beast.

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