Viet Rainbow seeks return to Tet Parade

The Orange County Register is covering the efforts of Viet Rainbow to join the Orange County Tet Parade, giving a fuller profile to Hieu Nguyen, one of the leaders of Veit Rainbow.

Some of the group's members were active in January, when they first learned they would be excluded from the annual Little Saigon Tet Parade. For three years, starting in 2010, they participated. But this year, the city could not pay for the event so a private coalition, headed by the Vietnamese American Federation of Southern California, stepped in to organize it.

During a two-week flurry of activity early this year, a LGBT coalition garnered the support of more than two dozen local and national organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Garden Grove Unified School district and the Vietnamese American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County. They filed an injunction in court and lost. But its members felt they had won in the court of public opinion and hailed it as a victory.

Viet Rainbow of Orange County already has the backing of the Democratic Party of Orange County, which on Nov. 18 issued a resolution asking public officials and candidates to not participate or support next year's parade “until a policy of full inclusion is adopted.” It also has the support of GLAAD, which offered to advise and promote VROC, billed as the first Vietnamese LGBT advocacy, education and support group in Orange County.

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