VIDEOS: The Revival movie featuring LGBT female artists of color is unlike anything you've seen before

Demonstrating the true abilities of grassroots storytelling, THE REVIVAL has exceeded their fundraising goal and will complete the so-far excellent film, Women and the Word: The Revival Movie.

The feature length documentary, made entirely by women, brings viewers on an intimate journey with five female LGBT artists of color as they embark in their mini van on THE REVIVAL—a poetry tour spanning all over cities from Atlanta to Toronto. Both the tour and the film aim to continuously build a literary arts movement among women who are LGBT and their allies, according to the movie’s team. A testament to THE REVIVAL’s commitment to foster an intimate community, each stop on the tour is hosted in someone’s home.

In a recent article for The Huffington Post entitled “A ‘Trifecta of Discrimination’? Queer Women of Color Have a Trifecta of Power!”, The Revival’s filmmaker Sekiya Dorsett wrote of THE REVIVAL tour, “[it is] the perfect example of a safe space created by, and for, queer women of color. It is a space that encourages our expression, champions our growth, and works tirelessly to maintain our survival.”

In the film, we get to know T’ai Freedom Ford, Be Steadwell, Jonquille "Solsis" Rice, Elizah Turner, and THE REVIVAL’s founder and executive producer Jade Foster, as the women get to know each other over the course of the nine-day tour. Their talents are as diverse as their personalities. Elizah, a photographer, manages the tour, and Solsis (bassist, singer, lead vocalist of The CoolLots) and Be Steadwell (songstress, filmmaker, singer for The Lost Bois) bring musical stylings to the shows, while T’ai serves as “resident bad ass poet.” Together, they take their audiences on a ride that is aesthetically, intellectually, emotionally—and even spiritually—engaging.

“It’s church, man” said Solsis during an interview in the official trailer, after we see her get an enthusiastic "AMEN" from her audience.

Sekiya, referring to LGBT women of color community at large, continued in her article, “We are queer black women with a message and with the talents to put movements in motion. We have the power to unite and engage LGBTQ communities around the glove whose existences have been silenced.”

The one-of-a-kind documentary contributes to the necessary task of bringing marginalized voices and experiences to the forefront in a way empowers communities as they exert ownership over their stories. The film’s Kickstarter campaign, which brought in over $15,000 to cover post-production costs, goes to show that audiences across the country are as ready to hear such stories as their authors are to share them. Women and the Word: The Revival movie is contributing to a dialogue that will ultimately shift our cultural paradigm.

Sekiya explained to HuffPost, “The freedom to express our emotions creatively is a primer for healing, and this documentary film is a balm and a conduit for change…This is only the beginning. We need layered stories. We need different images of all types. We need to take the lead without being the sassy sidekick. We are here to change that. I am here to change that. It is the time. The time is now.”

You can learn more about The Revival movie on Facebook and on Twitter, using #saychurch to join and grow the conversation.


Catch a sneak preview of the movie by watching the extended trailer: