VIDEO: Wilson High exceeds expectations with counter-protest against WBC

Last week, Wilson High School in Washington, D.C. hosted its second annual school-wide Pride Day. Though the event was planned, something else was not--when school principal Pete Cahall got up on stage to make a speech to his students, he shocked the whole audience by coming out as gay. All were very supportive, and the entire day was very much a success. Wilson High is proud to be one of the few high schools that holds this kind of event for their students.

But of course, this ardent expression of LGBTQ pride was not without some opposition. After hearing of the school's Pride Day, the notorious Westboro Baptist Church began planning their protest of such "rogue" behavior, and announced they would be picketing the school on June 9th. In response, students and faculty at Wilson High said 'go ahead,' and that they would be holding a counter-protest to show the church that their pride couldn't be squashed.

As promised, a group of Westboro's members were standing about a half a mile from the school yesterday morning, picket signs in hand. But just as active were about 400 people from Wilson High and the surrounding community, who gathered proudly in front of their school in defiance of the church's presence. Emma Brown of the Washinton Post wrote:

But the Kansas church’s message was largely drowned out by hundreds of students and community members who gathered in front of the school for a peaceful counterprotest. Led by student organizers urging those gathered to “fight the bigotry, fight the hate,” the crowd chanted and waved rainbow flags and homemade signs proclaiming “Love is Love” and “I Have Two Moms And Life Is Good.”

This is a true story of pride, and it could not have been accomplished without the progressive nature of Wilson High and the accepting mindsets of its students. Hopefully more schools will host events like Pride Day, and persevere in their spirit regardless of those who oppose.

Check out some tweets from yesterday's events: