VIDEO: Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni announces that he will sign the anti-LGBT bill

Last Friday, the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni announced that he will sign the Anti-Homosexuality Bill passed earlier by the parliament. Such bill includes a life sentence for members of the LGBT community as well as it criminalizes any type of LGBT advocacy. One of the speculated reasons behind this decision is the need of Ugandan followers. In order to remain as the most influential man in Uganda, Museveni feels the pressure to respond to his people’s demands rather than to the West. President Museveni spoke about signing the bill at the National Leadership Institute in Kyankwanzi.

He said: "If the authorities here give me their signed statements, my...job is finished. I will sign the bill. Then we shall have a war with the homosexual lobby in the world but backed by these people and you." In response to President Museveni’s statement the Ugandan lawmakers cheered their president’s decision.