VIDEO: Transgender advocates say NY health regulation is discriminatory

Al Jazeera released a video in which they speak with Tiq Milan and Reina Gossett about a number of issues that the transgender community faces, including harrassment, inaccess to healthcare, and having to constantly defend trans folks' right to exist. Tiq, GLAAD's Senior Media Strategist, and Reina, the Sylvia Rivera Law Project's Director of Membership, recently collaborated with both of their organizations to create the Healthcare for All campaign that's gone viral, raising awareness about discriminatory policies preventing trans people from obtaining medical attention and insurance coverage.

"We're still, in so many ways, considered disposable," Reina told Al Jazeera.

Tiq emphasized, "Our lives have value. People really need to start to understand that." The writer and advocate expanded on this notion in his recent commentary, published for BET.

Watch their full interviews below:

To support healthcare for all people, learn more at and sign Reina's petition.

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