VIDEO: Three things Trump will mention when he speaks to the U.S. Congress

Tonight, President Donald Trump will address a Joint Session of Congress where he is expected to provide an update to the state of this country as well as share his so-called “vision” on what he feels should be the priorities for this nation should be over this next year.

So far, with just 39 days into his presidency, Donald Trump’s so-called “vision” has proven to be anti-LGBTQ, and his actions – including his choice to rescind protections for transgender students – are speaking louder than his words from the campaign trail when he tried to claim he was a friend of the LGBTQ community

Tonight’s address should be no different.

While there is a lot that is troubling with Trump’s agenda, GLAAD’s very own Alexandra Bolles has the three key points the LGBTQ community should be aware of heading into tonight’s address.

There’s no doubt about it – President Trump’s remarks are expected to be more of the same campaign talking points that we have heard non-stop since he announced his campaign in 2015. Yes, this means you should expect Trump’s renewed call for a refugee ban, a wall along the United States/Mexico border, and maybe even references to his “big win” from November.

Now more than ever, though, this is the time to stay engaged and keep holding President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and his entire anti-LGBTQ administration accountable. Further, go to GLAAD’s Trump Accountability Project where you will see all the anti-LGBTQ records of the entire Trump Administration.

We cannot afford to lose touch with what is at stake, and we must do everything possible to protect the rights we have rightfully secured over the last decade.