VIDEO: Shane Bitney Crone celebrates Pride with GLAAD

Shane Bitney Crone is an out YouTuber who documented his experience at NYC Pride with GLAAD. His video includes footage of the Stonewall Inn, the location widely considered to be the birthplace of the American LGBT rights movement. It also features the GLAAD float and GLAAD staff celebrating atop it. Shane's video, "NYC PRIDE: IN THE THICK OF IT", is a beautiful compilation of NYC sights during Pride - with many rainbow flags and smiling faces.

In a previous interview with GLAAD, Shane said, "I have seen how their [GLAAD's] work has changed lives and saved lives. It's so important that the LGBT community is represented fairly and accurately in the media and GLAAD helps make sure that happens. GLAAD believes in the power of personal stories and know that it's our stories that will open people's hearts and minds and I'm so grateful to them for helping me share my story." GLAAD has been working with Shan for years, beginning with promoting his Kickstarter campaign for a documentary about his partner's passing. The documentary is titled, "Bridegroom" and, "recalls the tragic, unexpected death of Shane's partner Tom Bridegroom and the subsequent discrimination Shane faced from Tom's family afterward." Shane wanted to share his story of love and loss to increase awareness about why the legal benefits of marriage and familial acceptance are so important. "Bridegroom" has impacted a wide audience, and even won the Audience Award at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival and a GLAAD Media Award in 2014!

Shane's video gives a brief history of the Stonewall riots and emphasizes, "remembering the past, but celebrating the present." It's easy to see that the Pride celebration means a lot to Shane. He writes, "I loved seeing where the LGBT movement in the U.S. really began." You can watch his video below!