Video: PFLAG partners with Johnson & Johnson, Walgreens to combat bullying

Care with Pride is a groundbreaking new anti-bullying initiative dedicated to ending bullying of all students, but with a specific focus on LGBT youth. The program marks a combined effort between corporate sponsors Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies and Walgreens with Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). The goal is to address bullying through a combined effort of national media, regional events, and digital resources.

Check out this YouTube video of Ellen’s mom, Betty DeGeneres, announcing the partnership of Johnson & Johnson, Walgreens and PFLAG!

Care with Pride will have retail displays in 500 Walgreens locations throughout the US, where the Safe Schools Action Pack will be distributed.

Scott Creighton, Global Vice President, Marketing Excellence Group, Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies said, “As a Corporation that is committed to the health and care for all people, the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies is focused on continuing to uphold diversity and equality through a range of efforts externally as well as within our own organization. By partnering with PFLAG, we are helping to further their very important work to end bullying and create safer schools for all children.”

This is a tremendous focus on LGBT-related bullying outside of conventional LGBT spaces. The Pack contains a booklet that lists PFLAG’s top ten ways to make schools safer for all students, plus $65 worth of coupons and rebates from a variety of brands including Tylenol PM, Listerine, Listerine Whitening, Rembrandt, and Rogaine. Care with Pride is designed to engage and interact with consumers and will be supported by advertisements in LGBT and general media. One million Safe Schools Action Packs will be distributed throughout the United States, reaching consumers everywhere. Additionally Johnson & Johnson will make a donation of up to $300,000 and feature an exhibit at more than 40 Pride Festivals.

For more information, explore the Care with Pride™ website here!