Video: The New York Times' TimesCast Features GLAAD's Where We Are on TV Report and High Percentage of LGBT Characters on TV

Today, The New York Times series TimesCast discusses GLAAD’s Where We Are on TV report, which last week announced the highest percentage ever of LGBT characters on primetime broadcast scripted series was found in this year’s fall TV lineup.

TimesCast interviewed GLAAD People of Color Media Institute graduate and Hetrick-Martin Institute staff member Lillian Rivera and her wife Elsa Vasquez who are raising a four-year-old daughter.   “It’s important that we are integrated into the media and that we’re seeing images of our families, of our children represented,” said Lillian.

The report also looks at the diversity of the LGBT characters on television and found that networks still have steps to take in order to accurately reflect the LGBT community.  “The most commonly viewed person on television who is LGBT is a gay white man.  That was the fact in 1995, it’s still a fact today,” actor and GLAAD staff member Wilson Cruz told TimesCast.

TimesCast also highlighted the engagement of ABC News weather editor and Good Morning America weather anchor Sam Champion which he announced in a New York Times article the same day the report was released.  GLAAD’s Vice President of Communications Rich Ferraro told TimesCast “At a time when four states, Maryland, Washington, Maine and Minnesota will have marriage for same-sex couples on the ballot this election day, it’s very important that the voters in those states get to know gay and lesbian people and that’s mainly done through people like Sam Champion speaking out about their story or watching parents like Mitchell and Cam raising their children on Modern Family.”

GLAAD's study reviewed 97 scripted television programs scheduled to air this upcoming season on the broadcasts networks, and counted a total of 701 series regular characters. Of those 701 regular characters, 31 (4.4%) are LGBT. GLAAD counted an additional 19 recurring characters. 

You can watch today’s TimesCast below: