VIDEO: Melissa Etheridge sings "Uprising of Love" before the New Year's Eve ball drops

If you were watching the New Year's Eve celebration from Times Square in New York, you were a part of a movement to support LGBT Russians under harsh anti-LGBT laws. Melissa Etheridge performed her song, "Uprising of Love" just seconds before the ball dropped on broadcast..

Melissa wrote the song after speaking with Russian LGBT advocates, who provided details of the anti-propaganda law, the violence against LGBT people, and the difficulties faced by the LGBT Russian community.

The song, "Uprising of Love" has become an anthem for the Uprising of Love Coalition of entertainment industry figures who want to support the LGBT community in Russia. Over 65 celebrities and entertainment industry leaders have joined the coalition

When the song goes on sale, proceeds will benefit the Russia Freedom Fund, which is supporting the work of LGBT advocates in Russia.

You can watch a clip of Melissa performing here:

Learn more about support for LGBT people in Russia by visiting