VIDEO: Marriage Equality USA's Brian Silva to Thomas Roberts: The tide has turned

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts spoke with Marriage Equality USA Executive Director, Brian Silva, on Tuesday to discuss the upcoming Supreme Court cases, which will decide the fate of DOMA and Proposition 8. Watch the video below:

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On Monday, the Washington Post and ABC News released the results of a survey which concluded that 58% of Americans now support marriage equality, the highest it's ever been. Additionally, the poll showed that American 18-24 year olds support marriage equality by an overwhelming 81%. Prop 8 will be heard before the Supreme Court next Tuesday, with DOMA being heard on Wednesday. When asked whether voters might see more pro-marriage equality republican's on the ballot in 2016, Silva answered in the affirmative, saying that being an ally is becoming "a plus not a liability" as this issue continues to become less and less partisan.

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