VIDEO: Maine's Marriage Equality Campaign Releases New TV Ad

A new television ad supporting marriage equality in Maine and now airing statewide features a straight married couple talking about why marriage matters to them and to both of their sons, one of whom is gay. The ad was paid for by Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) and was developed through the Why Marriage Matters Maine Project that is part of a campaign sponsored by numerous organizations to foster support for marriage equality as the issue heads to the state ballot in November.

The campaign, called Mainers United for Marriage, issued a statement in which campaign manager Matt McTighe commented on the latest ad, saying, “Our campaign is built upon honest and open conversations with Mainers about why marriage matters to all loving, committed couples. The personal story of the real Maine family highlighted in GLAD’s new ad resembles the conversations we’ve had with tens of thousands of Mainers across the state who are changing their hearts and minds and growing more supportive of the freedom to marry every day.” This is the second ad for marriage equality in Maine sponsored by GLAD.