VIDEO: Laverne Cox takes a little time to enjoy The View

Orange is the New Black star, Laverne Cox, appeared on ABC's The View yesterday to talk about her role on OitNB, which Jenny McCarthy emphatically called "phenomenal." 

Cox also expressed her deepest gratitude toward Whoopi Goldberg for being "a huge inspiration as an actor." When, ten years ago, Cox told her acting mentor, Susan Batson, about her frustrations, saying, "I don't look like anybody else," Batson told her, "Whoopi didn't look like anybody else, but the talent, the intelligence, and the humor got her there, and so if Whoopi can do it, anybody can do it." 

Laverne Cox has recently been nominated for an Emmy as Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, marking history as the first out transgender person to be nominated for an Emmy in an acting category. While this is a big moment for the actress, she invokes Sidney Poitier, the first black man to win an Academy Award fifty years ago, who said about his win that he didn't feel black actors as a whole had overcome because he was the only one. Cox reflects on her own nomination in a similar selfless manner, saying, "The revolution happens when it's not just me - [when] there's more of us." Goldberg and the hosts wished Cox well, saying "Kick that career's butt because you've got what everybody needs."

Watch the full interview here: