VIDEO: Latino family on YouTube has potential to reach many

On YouTube today you can visit The Queer Undocumented Immigrant Project (QUIP) Channel and be welcomed into the home of one Arizona family of Mexican descent as they reflect on their journey toward family acceptance when their daughter Cynthia came out as bisexual.  The bilingual video reveals the struggle of coming out twice, once as an undocumented person facing deportation, abuse and exploitation and twice as a family with an openly gay daughter facing discrimination and inequality.  According to QUIP, Cynthia's family story is a conversation starter for other immigrant families that need help moving toward accepting their out relatives and for LGBT advocates who do not understand the need for comprehensive immigration reform.  YouTube states it has 1 billion unique users a month and so the video has a huge potential reach that goes beyond its intended audience.  The supportive words of Cynthia's mom, dad and Cynthia herself might give someone else the courage to come out for everyone's rights to dignity and equality.