VIDEO: Kids react to SCOTUS marriage equality ruling

A group of 11 kids is asked to react to the SCOTUS marriage equality ruling, and they turn out to be quite socially aware. The reaction of the majority was immense happiness that the ruling finally happened. The oldest participant, 13 year old Elle, said that, "I thought I would be in my 20s or 30s by the time same-sex marriage was legalized!" The kids are asked questions ranging from the most basic to very complex and controversial. They talk about the meaning of marriage equality in a historical context and dissect the intersection between faith and LGBT rights - and much more.They have some very insightful points about how important it is for people to be allowed to express their love freely. They feel strongly that marriage for same-sex couples should be legal, and express their support with evident enthusiasm.

Perhaps the most exciting reaction comes from 7 year old Lucas, who had been interviewed about marriage equality two years prior. His original opinion in the 2013 "Kids React to Gay Marriage" video was, "gay is bad for you because...I don't know!" but now he believes that the SCOTUS ruling was, "a good decision, now people can have a very good, happy life." When asked to reflect on his change of heart, he maturely says, "Last time I was concerned that it was not good, but now I'm in a higher grade. I read more books, get more information about stuff. I feel different now."

9 year old Samirah had a similar change of heart. She had thought previously that marriage for same-sex couples was, "just crazy!" In this interview she says about the ruling, "That's a strong decision. I'm not saying it's a bad one. It's a good one." Seeing children change their hearts and minds is impressive and encouraging. The group's resounding celebration is a heartwarming promise that things are going to keep getting better and better as these kids grow up. Watch the video below!