VIDEO: Join Hozier in calling for marriage equality in Ireland

Grammy nominated Irish born musician and songwriter, Hozier, has stood up for equality once again. In a powerful video recorded for Straight up Equality, Hozier calls on Ireland to vote YES in the upcoming marriage equality referendum on May 22.

"The movement for marriage equality has my full support, and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind."

"I firmly believe that the upcoming referendum is not simply a gay rights issue, or a civil rights issue, but one of basic human rights. I think it is an issue that reflects upon all of us, and one that deserves everyone’s involvement. It is imperative that the straight community shows support for the LGBT community on this issue, and makes a clear statement that we value the equal treatment of people on our shores. It’s time for our generation stands up and takes the future of our nation, and its values, into our own hands."

"To anyone who feels that the love between two people is not to be bothered, belittled, devalued or undermined, I encourage you to vote. To anyone who is tired of the sophistry, fear mongering and outright deception of those who, under the guise of ‘traditional family values’ promote irrational aversion to same sex relationships, I encourage you to vote. To anyone in my generation who, like me, who feels that their values have long gone unrepresented by the word of law and want to be proud to live in a nation that does not discriminate or implicitly condemn, I strongly encourage you to vote.”

Watch the full video below.

Hozier garnered international attention in 2014 with his neo-gospel song "Take Me To Church" featuring a gay couple kissing and subsequently being attacked in Russia.