VIDEO: "The Homestretch" highlights the struggles and triumphs of homeless youth

The PBS national broadcast premiere of The Homestretch is this April 13th on Independent Lens. The Homestretch follows three homeless teens as they navigate going to school, graduating and pursuing their futures. As their stories are told, the film explores issues of poverty, race, justice, immigration, foster care and LGBT equality.

Ahead of the film is the release of an exclusive 15 minute video showcasing some LGBT-related stories. It was created with added scenes and never-before-seen footage that shine a spotlight on the estimated 40% of homeless youth who identify as LGBT.

Check it out:

The Homestretch (special LGBT featurette) from spargel productions on Vimeo.


Check out The Homestretch on PBS on April 13th to watch these inspiring stories unfold. Watch a trailer below:

The Homestretch (trailer) from spargel productions on Vimeo.