GLAAD Video Interview: Lynda Carter on Supporting Trans Community, New Music and Why 'Wonder Woman' is a Queer Icon

GLAAD’s Anthony Allen Ramos was joined by the iconic singer, actress, and activist Lynda Carter to talk about Dave Audé’s new remix of her hit song “Human and Divine.”

“Like our community, we’re always moving and growing. And how do you define love?... It’s something within us and it’s divine. That is a part of us that is divine and that is the love we share and the love we feel.” Carter, a longtime supporter of the LGBTQ community, says about the true message behind “Human and Divine.”

Carter is excited for her song, which was originally released in 2021, to reach new audiences with the new remix by the incredible DJ Dave Audé. “Dave took it and made it much more about the celebration. No matter where it is, even if you’ve lost someone, or you’re falling in love, it is divine. Love is human and divine.”

Carter has been an outspoken advocate for the transgender community for many years. She has used Twitter as a platform to speak on issues, like the discrimination against transgender people amid the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade. “I think it’s courageous and brave for these people to have an identity and to be going after it. It is uniquely theirs, it is unique to them. I embrace that. As a female, what’s happening in the real war on women is stunning. I think we need to focus on that.” She says about her recent Tweet.

Carter recently made waves on Twitter when she proclaimed her beloved character of Wonder Woman to be “a queer and trans icon.”

On the LGBTQ community’s ressonance with her character, Carter explains that “It’s the transformation, it’s the secret self. She can’t be hurt,” these concepts are relatable and inspirational to anyone in the community. 

Fans of Lynda Carter’s music have a lot to look forward to. “I have a new batch of 10 or 11 original songs that are being mixed right now. One is sort of a protest song!” She reveals.

Dave Audé’s remix of “Human and Divine” is available now wherever you stream music!