VIDEO: Elementary school officials rally to defend 9-year-old trans girl

Today, in feel-good news: A young girl in central Ohio named Keat has the love and support of her family, Highland Elementary School staff, and district's Superintendent as she experiences her first year following her transition.

Keat's mom, Emily LeVan, recently had her daughter's name legally changed and let her friends know via Facebook that Keat identifies as female. When Keat's classmates began to tease her "for being a boy last year," she gave one of the best possible responses.

"I said, 'I was a girl, I am a girl, it's none of your business," Keat told a local reporter.

While Keat has done a great job of standing up for herself, Superintendent Bill Dodds has risen to the occasion as well. Dodds immediately invoked the district's zero tolerance policy and put an end to the bullying.

In response to the situation, Dodds said, "I never want any of our children to be bullied for any reason. It's disgusting. We don't accept it and we won't accept it."

Emily said of her daughter, "she's a bigger person than a lot of adults and I'm just so proud of her." This brought a big smile to Keat's face, who then welcomed a big hug from her mom. You can watch the whole story in the video below: