VIDEO: Documentary reveals persecution faced by young LGBT Jamaicans

UK’s VICE News released a short documentary about life in Jamaica for LGBT youth, titled “Young and Gay: Jamaica’s Gully Queens.” The young LGBT Jamaicans followed in the documentary have taken shelter in the storm drainage system of Kingston, which is known as the gully, and call themselves “gully queens.”

Jamaica is one of the most intolerant and anti-LGBT countries, according to the documentary. If and when young LGBT people come out to their families and friends, they are often thrown out on the streets and isolated from their families. These young adults face violence in the forms of name-calling, stabbings, shootings, and even death threats on a daily basis. In fact, a young man named Orashia Edwards, who identifies as bisexual and fled to England for 14 years of safety, is now being forced back to his home country of Jamaica where he will once again join Jamaica's LGBT community and face brutal attacks, unless England allows him to stay.

The 25-minute documentary highlights the unique circumstances of a group of Jamaican LGBT youth as they live in the gully as a makeshift family. These youth show that despite horrific living conditions and societal homophobia, finding love and support among each other is helping them survive and express their true selves.

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