VIDEO: Despite national policy, gay scoutmaster holds onto position, local support

Geoff McGrath, openly gay Scoutmaster in Seattle, was discharged from his position by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) earlier this week for being gay, but his troop and its charter organization are standing by him.

It's believed that Geoff is the first adult to have his registration revoked by the national organization since the BSA dropped its discriminatory ban on gay youth. A ban on openly LGBT adults in leadership positions still remains in place. Geoff is committed to continuing service with his troop and, likewise, he has received an outpour of solidarirty from BSA members, locals, and groups like the troop's charter partner Rainier Beach United Methodist Church.

"All means all," Rev. Dr. Monica Corsaro, head of the local church, told KING 5 News. "All we care about is that you want to be in community and that's the way we live it, and to me that's the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that's what we follow."

Watch local coverage of the church honoring Geoff on "Scout Sunday" below: