VIDEO: Daughter of same-sex couple can win big and she needs your help

Olivia Kelly, a Massachusetts teenager who shared her heart-warming story of her mom marrying another woman, is now a finalist for a $50,000 scholarship and she needs your help!

The popular online dating site is running its first ever MatchMade Scholarship Contest to offer a college scholarship to the child of a parent who married through the site. The contest is in its final phase and the rules are simple: the video with the most shares on Facebook or Twitter wins!

14-year-old Olivia entered the contest, producing a video with her stepsister Lucia in which they share the story of how their moms met through the site 3 years ago. The two girls were ecstatic when their moms "proposed" to them, asking if they wanted to become sisters and start a new family. Olivia's video is among the five finalists, and the only one that features a same-sex couple. 

According to Olivia, "We are probably the happiest family you'll ever see." She told, "We’ve all found people to love for the rest of our lives. I have the sibling I've always wanted, my sister has someone to look up to, and my parents no longer feel lonely."

Check out Olivia's entry below and make sure you share on Facebook or Twitter. There is no limit for the number of times you can vote, but for your vote to count you MUST share the link: