VIDEO: Comcast Newsmakers chats with GLAAD Spokesperson Omar Sharif Jr. about Pride and GLAAD's culture-changing work

GLAAD National Spokesperson Omar Sharif Jr., appeared on Comcast Newsmakers with Robert Traynham to discuss LGBT issues and GLAAD's work to build support for equality through the power of the media. The pair focused on GLAAD's place as a cultural agent for change and as an on-the-ground advocacy organization helping to advance the nation's attitudes towards the LGBT community.

"Well GLAAD's really the organization that is working in the preeminent court in the land, and that's the court of public opinion. We're advancing LGBT rights by telling the stories of LGBT people through the media. We do that in several ways. We do that by story-telling, we do that sort of as a watch dog - keeping the media accountable for the words and the images that they present, and third by helping advocacy organizations and individuals on the ground to help elevate their issues and their stories," said Sharif.

Earlier this year, GLAAD partnered with Comast and NBCUniversal on the 'Coming Out for Equality' PSA series, which features a diverse group of straight celebrities and athletes "coming out of the closet" as supporters of equality and calling for other Americans to speak out. Comcast and NBCUniveral serve as a leading media partner for the PSA campaign, contributing $1.5 million in national airtime on its Xfinity TV cable systems and bringing this important message to more than 20 million homes over the next year.

“We are honored to partner with GLAAD to present these powerful, diverse voices speaking up for equality,” said Charisse R. Lillie, VP, Community Investment of Comcast Corporation and President of the Comcast Foundation. “Our longstanding dedication to inclusion, respect and equality gives us pride to donate quality air time to promote the core values we share with audiences every day.”