VIDEO: Colombian Transgender women form a soccer team to eliminate transphobia

The World Cup is over, but as a way to raise awareness about the Colombian transgender community and help eliminate transphobia, a group of transgender women formed a soccer team. As the Towleroad reports, one team member, Marianna commented:

“With the World Cup, we are honoring and are proud of Colombia. We are trans, but we are still Colombians, and we want to be involved in Colombian society.”

As a very marganalized community, transgender women face constant discrimination.Through sport and healthy competition they hope to get the attention to help end transphobia which so many transgender men and women experiance.  In a country such as Colombia where soccer is an important part of the culture, the idea behind creating a team which aims to shift the perspective on a certain topic can have a strong impact on how a social issue is seen.

Watch the video here: