Victory against discriminatory media in Ecuador

On January 2nd, 2014, Teleamazonas a television channel in Ecuador aired an episode of "La Pareja Feliz" (The Happy Couple) which according to advocates in the country promoted harmful stereotypes about LGBTI people. Silueta X, a collective headed by trans advocate Diane Rodriguez submitted a formal complaint to the Ecuadorian government entity which oversees communication called Supercom and yesterday announced a victory. Supercom has sanctioned the channel and asked that they formally apologize to the LGBTI community in less than 72 hours for transmitting discriminatory content. Diario El Comercio, an Ecuadorian newspaper has reported that no official statement from the channel has been released although social media in the country has been full of both supportive and contrary responses by producers, actors and fans of the program.

One of the producers @roflo70  demonstrated his lack of concern for the impact of negative images by re-tweeting the following message from a fan:

 “Por qué una minoría quiere regular lo que vemos la mayoría? No a la intolerancia!!”

"Why are we letting a minority regulate what those of us in the majority watch? Say no to intolerance!"