Victim Killed, Found Blocks From Shooting Of Trans Woman Paige Clay

On Tuesday, a 19-year-old was found stabbed to death in an unoccupied building on Chicago’s West Side. The building was just three blocks away from where 23-year-old Paige Clay, a transgender woman of color, was found shot and killed in April. Police say they believe the two crimes are unrelated, and are investigating both as homicides. Brian Turner, an outreach coordinator at Taskforce Prevention and Community Services serving the local West Side LGBT community, told the Windy City Times that no details on the investigation of Clay’s death have been shared. 

As the media covers this recent tragedy, it is extremely important that the identity of the victim is respected through careful and accurate reporting. Turner confirmed that the victim had visited Taskforce but said it remains uncertain whether the victim identified as transgender. Until more details become available, GLAAD urges the media to avoid assumptions and focus on the facts of the case.