Venezuelan PSA uses fun message to challenge homophobia

In Venezuela, Fundación Reflejos has created a great new PSA showing various pairs of buddies who share the same interests, like tattoos or super heroes eventually revealing, through captions, that one is gay and one is straight, without saying which person is which. With a fun and inviting style the video makes it abundantly clear how unnecessary it is to treat someone differently because of their orientation or gender identity. The tag line is "If you look for differences, you could miss out on what you have in common #Iamnotdifferent #homophbia"

In Spanish: "Si buscas las diferencias, te puedes perder las coincidencias #Nosoydistint@ #Homofobia @JWTccs" and connected social media campaign proclaiming #Iamnotdifferent,  or #Nosoydistint@

LGBT advocates throughout Mexico, South and Central America and the Caribbean are doing great media work to raise awareness about discrimination and violence, and oftentimes in hostile environments.  Consider sharing this video on social media. In an ever more connected world these images and campaigns have increasing impact and strengthen our work to accelerate acceptance and achieve justice worldwide.