On Valentine's Day, TV's Ten LGBT Couples To Root For

As people across the nation celebrate love and relationships this Valentine's Day, they can also appreciate the growing number of LGBT couples appearing on their favorite TV shows. Last year, GLAAD found that broadcast television had the highest percentage of LGBT characters ever in history. Below is a list of ten LGBT couples on television that are worth rooting for this Valentine's Day!

Will and Sonny - Days of Our Lives
Will and Sonny recently began a relationship on Days of Our Lives, sharing their first kiss in a November 2012 episode. Currently, their relationship has been complicated by news from Will's ex-girlfriend Gabi that she is pregnant. You can follow Will and Sonny's relationship by tuning into Days of Our Lives on NBC.

Adam and Becky - Degrassi
Degrassi is returning for a new season this Friday, and viewers expect to see more of Adam and Becky, who began dating last season. Adam, who is transgender, and Becky broke up briefly, but got back together just before the last season ended. You can tune in to TeenNick to catch the new episodes.

Bryan and David - The New Normal
Bryan and David are a gay couple trying to have a baby through surrogacy. In the most recent episode of The New Normal, Bryan and David address how they will form a close bond with their child without nursing. You can tune into NBC to see more of Bryan and David on The New Normal.

Callie and Arizona - Grey's Anatomy
Callie and Arizona are a married couple on Grey's Anatomy. In the show's most recent episodes, the couple is coping with Arizona's recovery from a deadly plane crash that left her injured. You can follow Callie and Arizona's storyline in upcoming episodes on ABC.

Cam and Mitchell - Modern Family
On Modern Family, Cam and Mitchell are a gay couple raising their daughter, Lily. In the show's recent Valentine's Day special, Cam and Mitchell throw a Lonely Hearts party for singles, but end up the next morning with an unexpected house guest. Follow Cam and Mitchell's storyline on ABC's Modern Family

Emily and Paige - Pretty Little Liars
Emily and Paige are currently dating on Pretty Little Liars. Most recently, Paige was accused by the other Liars of being "A," but Emily defended her, and eventually it became apparent that Paige was framed. You can see more of Emily and Paige in Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.

Fiona and Imogen - Degrassi
Fiona and Imogen began dating in season 11 of Degrassi. In the latest episode, Fiona and Imogen went to Las Vegas to support Bianca and Drew as they eloped. Tune into TeenNick for the season premiere of Degrassi on Friday to follow Fiona and Imogen.

Kurt and Blaine - Glee
Kurt and Blaine were dating since season 2 of Glee, but have since broken up and are trying to be friends. Though it's clear the two still have feelings for one another, Kurt asked out another guy in a recent episode further complicating the situation. Meanwhile, Santana and Brittany are another former couple who are still working out how to be friends. The next episode of Glee premieres tonight, and you can tune in on Fox for more on Kurt, Blaine, Brittany and Santana. 

Tara and Pam - True Blood
At the end of season 5, Tara was part of a mission to rescue Pam, and the two shared a kiss, suggesting a romance to come in the next season. Season 6 of True Blood is expected to air this summer on HBO. 

Tom and Sam - Smash
Tom and Sam began dating in season 1 of Smash. While their storyline has not surfaced yet in season 2, viewers are expecting to see more of the couple. Check out the next episode of Smash airing February 19 on NBC to watch for further developments between Sam and Tom.