Use Love Free or Die on PBS to Talk About Marriage Equality

The award-winning documentary Love Free or Die will make its television premiere tonight, Monday, October 29, at 10pm Eastern on PBS. Love Free or Die follows Bishop Gene Robinson from small-town churches in New Hampshire to the Lincoln Memorial at the President's inauguration in 2008. Bishop Robinson inspires people to change history … to stand for equality ... to open their hearts and minds to support LGBT dignity.

The timing for Love Free or Die couldn’t be more important.

When Bishop Robinson was elected, marriage equality wasn’t a reality in the United States. Today, six states, plus the District of Columbia have provided the support and protections that come with marriage for gay and lesbian couples. On November 6, that number could rise to nine states if MarylandMaine, and Washington vote to approve marriage equality. Additionally, Minnesota has the opportunity to defeat a constitutional amendment that seeks to limit recognition of gay and lesbian relationships more permanently.

It has been demonstrated that knowing someone who is LGBT strongly increases the likelihood that someone will support marriage equality for committed, loving couples. The story of Bishop Robinson, as told in Love Free or Die, helps the viewer to see and understand the life of not just one, but many faithful and committed LGBT people as they work for inclusion in their church.

Join other Americans in seeing how the witness of one person rippled out and made a church, and a country, more inclusive. The film will also give you and your family a real and tangible way to talk about LGBT equality with others.

If you have family, friends, or loved ones who live in Minnesota, Maine, Maryland, or Washington, this film will be an excellent resource to understand the lives of LGBT people. This film may be the tool to help someone understand why a vote for LGBT equality is a vote to support humanity.

So, to quote Bishop Gene Robinson:

You can also join in live-tweeting the film using the hashtag #lovefreeordie. The filmmakers wish to make the PBS airing a national conversation. 

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