'This Is Us' delivers a touching LGBTQ-inclusive storyline for Season 3 finale

This Is Us closed out its third season this week with yet another poignant LGBTQ-conversation; this time, between teenage Tess (Eris Baker) and her uncle Kevin (Justin Hartley).

The NBC drama made strides earlier this season when they wrote a loving coming out story for Tess. Parents Randall and Beth were very supportive of their daughter, which is unfortunately still so rarely depicted in mainstream media.

But this episode, however, went further with its progressive queer storytelling. This Is Us expanded beyond the traditional coming out narrative to include the complicated journey of self-discovery that follows.

“I thought coming out to you guys would be the hardest part, but instead I have a million more questions about myself,” Tess confesses. “What clothes make me feel like the real me? What books should I be reading? What movies should I be seeing?”

The questions Tess asks of herself are relatable to almost every queer person during their coming out experience. They are daunting questions, but Kevin reassures his niece that discovering who you are comes with time. (and piece-by-piece, at that)

While we wait for more of Tess’ story to unfold in Season 4, you can watch the interaction in the above clip.